Our Mission

PLAYPROJECT'S mission is to advocate for and supply play to the children of Hong Kong. In Hong Kong,  academics often take first priority in the eyes of many parents, causing play to be overlooked. Stimulative and educational play is extremely important in the early developmental stages of a young child, as it helps develop soft skills that will be crucial in later years. Furthermore, due to the current COVID situation, play has never been more inaccessible. We hope that our initiatives will be able to make Hong Kong a more playful city!


Our track record


July 2021 

Our most recent work includes the distribution of our self-designed arctic playbox. Especially due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many children have been unable to leave their homes to outdoor areas for play. With the arctic kit, kids are able to create an immersive environment at home that incorporates both sensory and creative elements. We were able to host a total of 4 play sessions and distributed 50 boxes to the community.


Why Play?

Play should be an integral part of children’s life at school, at home and in the community as it promotes healthy growth in children. Play can serve as an emotional outlet and stress reliever for Children while breeding a set of soft skills which include social intelligence, teamwork, self-confidence and problem-solving skills. Our research concludes that play not only enhances a child’s creativity, it develops a child’s skill for conflict resolution, effective communication and most importantly the ability to assess and take risks.